Indra Importer is dedicated to providing customers with only the most eco-friendly products through responsible manufacturing and sourcing.


Sustanabilty Throughout Our Business

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for businesses of all industries, and the world of traditional Indian soft furnishings is no exception. At Indra Importer, we are committed to manufacturing, sourcing, and supplying only the most sustainable products for our customers.

One of the ways we ensure sustainability is through our sourcing practices. We only use eco-friendly materials, such as and natural dyes, in their manufacturing process. This not only reduces the environmental impact of our products, but also supports local communities who use traditional methods to produce these materials.

Mindful Manufacturing

Another way we prioritize sustainability is through our manufacturing process. We use energy-efficient equipment and implement recycling programs in our facilities to reduce waste and minimize our carbon footprint. Additionally, we ensure fair labour practices and safe working conditions for all of our employees.

By offering only sustainable products, we are not only making a positive impact on the environment, but also on the lives of the people involved in the manufacturing process. This not only aligns with our values, but it also resonates with our customers who are becoming more conscious of the impact their purchasing decisions have on the environment and society.

Furthermore, we also make sure that our products are long-lasting and can be used for years. We use high-quality materials, and our products are designed to be both functional and stylish, ensuring that they will be cherished for a long time.

Mindful Manufacturing
Quality is Key

Quality is Key

Additionally, we design and produce products that are meant to be long-lasting and durable, thereby reducing the need for frequent replacement. Furthermore, we also provide tips and tricks to customers to help them educate their customers to prolong the life of the products we supply. Overall, our commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of our business operations, from sourcing and manufacturing to customer education.

In conclusion, sustainability is at the core of our business at Indra Importer. From sourcing eco-friendly materials, implementing recycling programs, and ensuring fair labour practices, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment and society. And we strive to provide our customers with products that are not only beautiful but also sustainable and long-lasting.

A summary of our sustainability practices

Eco Friendly Materials

Sourcing materials by using use eco-friendly methods and materials

Pro-active Recycling

Implementing recycling programs in our manufacturing facilities

Fair Labour

Ensuring fair labour practices for all employees

Quality Products

Designing and producing products that are meant to be long-lasting and durable

Shared Expertise

Providing tips and tricks to customers to help prolong the life of their products

Energy Concious

Using energy-efficient equipment

Local Community Support

Supporting local communities who use traditional methods to produce materials

Sustainability Prioritised

Prioritising sustainability in every aspect of our business operations.

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